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How to Get There

Plane: Pearson Airport is a short distance away from the center of Toronto. You do not have to worry about traveling hours to and from the airport when you’re in a city like Toronto. There are flights leaving every minute to thousands of different destinations.

Public Transportation: Billy Bishop is right in the center of downtown Toronto and the sight is beautiful when you land right over Lake Ontario. This airport has a limited number of destinations that arrive and depart here but when you are traveling within Canada, this is a great airport to use, not to mention the luxury services they offer for free.

Taxis and Cars: GO Transit is a great way to get from Niagara Falls to Toronto all the way out to the East end of Oshawa. If you are looking to expand your travel to other cities in Southern Ontario, GO Transit is the way to do it.



CN Tower: The CN Tower is a well-known landmark of Toronto for its height and beauty. This is a common tourist attraction and you cannot go to Toronto without saying you were able to get all the way up the tower.

Kensington Market: Kensington is like a whole other realm of Toronto, as if you’re time traveling right back into the retro world of vintage collectibles, small bohemian shops and little old homes. It is a beautiful spot to visit and right in the center of it all.

Chinatown: Just a few steps away from Kensington is another unique spot in Toronto, Chinatown. Toronto is known for its variety of streets and what they have to offer. There is not much more to say about this street other than, welcome to China!

Royal Ontario Museum (ROM): The ROM is a place for kids, adults, couples, elders, absolutely everyone! In the heart of Toronto lays one of the biggest historical museums. This is unlike any other museum with interactive games, activities and much more! Bring the child out in anyone here at the ROM.

Casa Loma: Casa Loma is situated on the edge of Lake Ontario and is an absolutely breathtaking spot for those who love photography.

Distillery District: For anyone 19+, the Distillery District is a remarkable old cobblestone area of Toronto with only the nicest restaurants and bars close to Lake Ontario.

Yonge Street Shopping: This is the place to be for people of all ages! Shop your hearts out at Toronto’s district for shopping. The Eaton’s Centre is one of Toronto’s biggest malls.

Sporting Events: You can’t visit Toronto without attending a sporting event. Get on your best sporting clothes, grab a beer and get a ticket for a Leafs, Raptors or Jays game!



Summer: Toronto is beautiful in the summer! This is shorts and t-shirts weather with perhaps a light jacket for the chilly evenings. Temperatures are typically around the 20 degrees Celsius mark during this season.

Fall: Pack up those sweatpants, sweaters and thermos coolers. Toronto temperatures in the fall can get rather chilly. A full suitcase of pants, long sleeve shirts, sweaters and light jackets is a must.

Winter: Welcome to Canada. You cannot expect anything but cold temperatures. Bring everything warm you own – mitts, hats, winter jackets, snow pants, boots, and get ready to make some snow men! Winter nights can get below negative 30 degrees Celsius.

Spring: Spring is when all the flowers are in bloom here in Toronto. It is a beautiful time to come but with flowers come spring showers so make sure you pack up those rain jackets and umbrellas!


Life Style

There are many different lifestyles in Toronto and you will quickly realize this. We have the ritzy, the bohemian, and the sports enthusiast, the list goes on! If there is one thing in common about all Torontonians it is that nobody likes to sit in traffic. The way of life in Toronto is to walk or take transit. There are many small coffee shops to enjoy and various areas along the beachfront to relax and read a book.


Eat and Drink

Food and drink is a topic that can be pages upon pages on its own. The best part about Toronto is that you get to experience any cuisine from any culture you want and it will be just around the corner. There are thousands of recommendations but while you’re in Toronto, have some fun with it! Sometimes it is the small little shops that you have never heard of that are the best.


Rest and Relaxation

Low Budget: There are many different Hostels in the region to choose from. Check out HI – Toronto or Planet Traveler, you can find hostels here in Toronto anywhere from $15 USD a night to $80 USD a night.

Medium Budget: Hotels between 2 – 4 stars can be found at a great price online at, this is where you will find the best price on hotels in the area. Common medium budget hotels will be Holiday Inn’s, EconoLodge or Super8’s.

High Budget: You’re on a splurge! Highly recommended hotels include: The Fairmont Royal York, The Trump Hotel and Tower, The Ritz-Carleton and Hazelton Hotel. There are so many beautiful hotels in Toronto but no matter how long and hard you search, these four hotels will absolutely take your breath away.


Travel Tips

Toronto is filled with busy streets and busy bodies on a daily basis, in any season. When sightseeing in Toronto the best way to travel is by transit. Toronto uses trams, buses and subways which are all run by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).

Toronto is not one of those places that can be seen by car, each building is unique in its own way and there are so many nice small shops along the way that the best thing to do is take a day and walk through each section of Toronto.

There are many homeless around the streets of Toronto. For the most part, they are harmless, they are just looking for somewhere warm to sleep or a little extra change. Either way, as always, just remember to keep your valuables safe at your side and enjoy your trip.