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How to Get There

Plane: Tehran is a rather difficult place to get to for many. There aren’t any direct flights from larger continents such as Australia, Canada and the USA. If you are planning on visiting, you will have to look into booking a flight through a country in Europe or the Middle East.

Public Transportation: Though public transportation is rather cheap in Tehran, it is also extremely confusing. We wouldn’t recommend using public transportation unless you have a keen sense of direction and know exactly where you are going. First timers may get lost.

Taxis and Cars: Traffic, like many cities is a huge issue in Tehran. With the confusing public transit and heavy traffic, no matter what mode of transportation you choose to take, you are going to have to be extremely tolerant to waiting around.



The Azadi Tower: This is the symbol of Tehran. A beautifully designed piece of architecture that brings tourists flocking.

Treasury of the National Jewels: Get those pirate hats out (figuratively), and enjoy the world’s largest collection of gold and gems.

Golestan Palace: This place will keep you busy for days. With over 17 places to visit within the palace alone, make sure you plan out where you want to go first.



Warm Season: May to September. The warm season is the best way to explain temperatures here in Tehran. Often the days get up to around 30 or 35 degrees Celsius.

Cold Season: October to April. Temperatures sit around 10 degrees Celsius. Evenings can get to the freezing point so dress to stay warm.


Life Style

The people in Tehran are very reserved individuals. Their family is of high importance and there are many rules that family members need to follow. Their religion is of great importance to them as well and they do expect other travelers to respect all their customs and norms when visiting.


Eat and Drink

If you don’t already know this, falafels are a popular food of choice in Tehran. Enjoy delicious Iranian food at a low budget.


Rest and Relaxation

Low Budget: A low budget hostel in Tehran may not be the safest option but if that isn’t a concern to you, hostels can start at around $20 USD per night.

Medium Budget: Medium to high budget hotels are recommended here. Plan on spending upwards of $100 USD per night for a medium budget hotel here in Tehran.

High Budget: Though not many people go to Tehran for a beautiful luxury vacation, there are a few high budget hotels available that will be bound to keep you safe during your stay.


Travel Tips

Please note: You will NOT be allowed entry into Tehran if you have visited Israel, Egypt or Jordan. If you have previously been to one of these countries, you will need to renew your passport in order to gain entrance into Tehran.

There are fake police in Tehran. If they are in an unmarked car and without uniform, deny showing them anything and go straight to the real police.


There is a death sentence for gay, bi and lesbians in Iran. If you are traveling with a same sex partner, be very cautious.

Dress appropriately – always dress like the locals, cover your head and showing skin.