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How to Get There

Plane: The great thing about Singapore is that it is surrounded by reasonably priced countries which also makes for cheap airfare. Getting into Singapore is a breeze, given that you have applied for the appropriate visa. It is spending time in Singapore that can be rather expensive.

Public Transportation: As a tourist, making use to the transit system is an excellent idea. Singapore has a very efficient transportation system and tourist passes can be purchased for discounts on not only transit but other attractions as well. Look out for the EZ-Link cards in Singapore as these save you money on transit.

Taxis and Cars: Singapore is a busy shuffling city. When possible, avoid renting cars or taking taxis as the transit can offer you a cheaper, safer and faster ride to your next destination.



Chinatown: is a very popular tourist destination in Singapore especially during their festivities and events year round.

Shopping: Singapore is known for its expensive shopping and high quality products. Many North Americans come to Singapore for the sole purpose of shopping.

Skyscrapers: Check out of the many skyscrapers in the Singapore, some offering roof top bars, patios, restaurants, and even infinity pools.



Northeast Monsoon Season: December to March. Singapore does have actual seasons but it is best to differentiate these seasons by their monsoon periods as these can make or break your vacation here. Temperatures in Singapore stay relatively steady between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius, the only variation here is the downpour of rain being very common in November, December and January.

Southwest Monsoon Season: June to September. Though this is not the best time to travel to Singapore, no matter what month of the year, it is important to pack for both sun and rain as the weather typically changes mid-day on a regular basis.

Inter-monsoon Period: April to May and October to November. This is the time to travel as a tourist to Singapore in order to avoid any serious torrential weather.


Life Style

Singapore is a fast paced country of hard working men and woman at all hours of the day. The roads will flood with hawkers and you will never be a lonely traveler here in the heart of Singapore.


Eat and Drink

More often than not, travelers will take advantage of the close proximity countries in South East Asia. Singapore will be a relief to you if you haven’t had food from home in a while. Cuisine in South East Asia is fairly limited however, Singapore offers a good variety between French, American, Chinese, Thai, Indian and other cultural cuisines.

Coffee and tea are a popular drink of choice in Singapore. At the lowest cost you’ll find for a drink, you can enjoy and endless amount of caffeine. Alcoholic drinks are widely available at a higher price tag.


Rest and Relaxation

Medium Budget: For backpackers and low budget travelers, you are best going with a low budget hotel rather than any motel or hostel as prices tend to be very similar. Rarely reaching prices below $50 USD, you may as well enjoy Singapore by getting your own cozy room for once. Mid-range hotels go anywhere between $60USD and up.

High Budget:This is a high budget traveler’s paradise. You have a wide array of top class hotels to choose from when staying in Singapore and can pay any price tag you would like up to $1000+ USD. If you are going big in Singapore, try and splurge for a hotel with a sky top pool and bar to get the most out of your stay.


Travel Tips

Singapore is a destination on many peoples bucket lists, even as low budget backpackers. Be sure to save a substantial amount of money for accommodations, food and drink here as prices are incomparable to the low, affordable prices you would have been paying in the rest of South East Asia.

This might be a place of high class and high prices, but don’t be fooled by the high rate of petty theft that still exists