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How to Get There

Plane: The airport tourists are most likely to fly into would be the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport – relatively simple to figure out. Do not worry about arriving, as there are many different modes of transportation to get you to where you need to be at any time of the day or night.

Public Transportation: Public transportation in Rome is incredible. Make the best use of it you can by purchasing a Rome Pass, this will not only get you unlimited access to public transportation, but will also offer you free admission or discounts to many different tourist hot spots.

Taxis and Cars: Why take a taxi or car when we have just told you how fantastic the public transit is? Yes, you can get a car rental or a taxi ride, just expect to pay much more than you would public transit and be prepared for traffic in the middle of the city.



Coliseum: Was that even necessary to say? This is a must do while in Rome. You haven’t been to Rome if you haven’t been to the coliseum.

St. Peter’s Church: Rome has some of the most beautiful churches across the globe, St. Peter’s being one of them. Check out as many as you can while here.

The Seven Hills of Rome: Get a map and explore these hills. Get on your hiking shoes and spend a day on foot exploring. You will not regret it.



Summer: June to September. The city is extremely hot and stays between the temperatures of 25 and 30 degrees Celsius. Pack for warmer temperatures and bring lots of sunscreen!

Spring: March to May. The weather during spring is beautiful in Rome. Expect temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius.

Winter: Though it does not snow in Rome, temperatures fall fairly low and rain increases during the months of December, January and February. Expect average temperatures around 0 degrees Celsius and 10.

Fall: The rainiest season of all! Fall is between October and November. Temperatures are on average around the 15 degrees Celsius mark.


Life Style

The lifestyle in Rome is very food and family oriented. If there were one place in the world we would suggest to mix and mingle with locals, it would be in Italy. Rome has such an incredible menu of dishes available and what better way than to experience with a real Italian family? Get out there and make some friends!


Eat and Drink

Click on ‘Life Style’ and you will understand why eating and drinking in Rome is not a difficult subject to talk about. In fact, we could make an entire website alone on the incredible Italian dishes available for you in Rome. Wine, pasta and pizza, go all out and enjoy the Italian food and drink.


Rest and Relaxation

Low Budget: Hostels and low budget hotels in Rome start around $45 USD per night, per person.

Medium Budget: On a budget of $100 USD per night, do not expect anything too fancy. Even $100 will only get you a nicer hostel or low budget hotel.

High Budget: The average $300 mark will get you a nice hotel. If you want a high budget luxury hotel in Rome, expect to pay upwards to around $800+ USD per night.


Travel Tips

Not everyone in Rome will understand the English language, be sure to learn a few Italian words to get by. Not only will this help you, but also people will be more susceptible to conversing with you if they know you’re trying to communicate.

Be aware that there is accommodation tax on all hotels and hostels in Rome now.

If you are a woman and traveling alone, be sure to stay inside at night and keep all belongings safe. This would apply in many other cities as well.