New York

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How to Get There

Plane:New York City has three different large airports all of which take forever to get from one end to the other. You can virtually fly anywhere out of NYC you wish. The great thing about these airports is that they are often used for connecting flights as well which gives some temporary travelers a chance to step out and stroll through the city for a day.

Public Transportation: Buses and subways are all over NYC. Though it might take a bit longer to use the public transit than to drive, it saves you money and the stress of traffic.

Taxis and Cars:If you are not use to driving in the streets of NYC, it is not recommended. Taxis can be rather expensive in the city, but when in need, they are all around for your convenience. Note that New York has many toll roads which may increase the cost of a taxi ride.



Statue of Liberty: The infamous statue is a national symbol to the US and is features in many different films, stories and broadcasts. This is a must see when in NYC.

New York Stock Exchange: Whether you are a financial guru or not, the lights and excitement of the NY Stock Exchange will be quite an experience.

World Trade Center Site: This center commemorates all those victims lost in the 9/11 tragedy. World renowned, this is a place worth visiting.



Summer: June to August. The center of the city is filled with humidity during the summer months at an average of 25 degrees Celsius.

Fall: September to November. Comfortable outdoor weather for hikes and walks. Pack light pants and jackets for temperatures around 15 degrees Celsius. Evenings tend to get a little cool.

Winter: December to February. Wind and snow are very common in NYC. Pack warm and expect to be in temperatures of around 0 degrees Celsius.

Spring: March to May. Spring is often warm and breezy. Pack light long sleeves for this weather and expect temperatures around 12 degrees Celsius.


Life Style

NYC lift style is all about the hustle and bustle. Hard working men and women often spend their days at the offices and afternoons around the parks. Family time is important here and the streets are often filled with pedestrians on leisurely walks and for various activities.


Eat and Drink

NYC is known world-wide for their delicious and messy street foods. There are a variety of vendor options available at every corner including hot dogs, pizza, deserts, sandwiches and much, much more. Given that NYC is a very diverse population, any drink is readily available. Alcoholic beverages are available for those 21+ in the United States of America.


Rest and Relaxation

Low Budget: Low budget accommodations in New York City are rare and far apart. Expect to be paying anywhere from $50 USD and up.

Medium Budget: If you are looking for an average hotel around three stars, expect to pay prices between $150 to $300+ USD a night. It is rather expensive to stay in New York City. Many travelers may consider staying somewhere out of town close to a subway line.

High Budget: High Budget: High budget travelers have no worries, you can stay at some of the most prestigious hotels in North America for around $400 or $500 USD per night.


Travel Tips

If you are spending some time in NYC, think about getting a travelers pass to view different attractions and exhibits. There are a few options such as the Explorer Pass, New York City PASS and the New York Pass, all with different inclusions and deals.

In NYC always budget enough time in between meetings or events as traffic can get very dense in the middle of rush hour.

No matter where you are in NYC there are quite often long line ups for everything. Plan ahead in order to avoid these lines by booking in advance.