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How to Get There

Plane: Moscow is one of the largest cities in Russia with three large airport hubs all within close proximity. There is no shortage of flights arriving and departing in from Moscow.

Public Transportation: The metro station in Moscow offers short and cheap ways to get all over the city. This is the best way to travel throughout Moscow because most of the tourist destinations are best to be enjoyed by foot. With lots of small roads and shops to explore, you would miss quite a lot taking a car or bus around town.

Train: Again, because Moscow is such a large city, one of the busiest train hubs is situated in the heart of Moscow. This train station offers more train rides than just within Russia but also all throughout Europe and Asia as well.



Ostankino Tower: This is where you will get the most beautiful and panoramic views of the city, a perfect spot for romance and photography.

Red Square: Where most tourist will make their first full day trip to, Red Square is situated in the heart of many other popular destinations. The black cobblestone is an incredible site to see.

The Kremlin: The Kremlin offers a beautiful garden surrounded by some of the most beautiful churches. Entrance and visits inside the grounds cost a little bit of money but will definitely be worth the payment.



Hot Season: Moscow makes the seasons sound relatively simple. The two seasons split right down the middle, 6 months summer and 6 months winter. Between May and October seasonal temperatures are around 10 to 15 degrees Celsius.

Cold Season: November to April offers temperatures below the freezing mark so make sure to pack warm and bundle up when exploring the outdoors. If possible, plan to visit Moscow during the warmer months of the summer.


Life Style

The Moscow life is all about relaxation and luxury. From fancy cars, to high class shopping malls, Moscow has it all. You will never be in a shortage of any leisure activity in Moscow, there is entertainment around every corner. Keep in mind that almost all entertainment in Moscow will surely cost a pretty penny.


Eat and Drink

Moscow offers many different Western restaurants. When traveling through, it is important to try to embrace the culture and enjoy the foods specific to Moscow. Varieties of meats, salads and Russian vodka is a great place to start.


Rest and Relaxation

Medium Budget: On a medium budget in Moscow, it is not uncommon to be booking a hostel. Hostels per person can average between 80 – 120 USD a night. Moscow will not be the place where you will save your pocket change.

High Budget: The city is your oyster! Many hotels including hostels in Moscow are top of the line and absolutely stunning. There is no limit to the number of luxurious hotels offered in this area.


Travel Tips

Moscow is common to any other Western city, there is a lower crime rate than most parts of the world. No matter what, when traveling, ensure all your personal belongings are safely stowed away.

Police run at high volume here and can ask to see your passport at any point in time. Always remember to bring your money belt with you wherever you go.