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How to Get There

Plane: Airplanes are sometimes the cheapest, most efficient way around. Many times people will take flights into Milan just to get to another destination in Europe as it is a very central hub to other countries like Switzerland, Germany, Austria and France.

Public Transportation: Since the transit systems are linked very well between countries, it is important to do your research. Local transit within Milan is easy to understand and fairly cheap.

Taxis and Cars: As a tourist, it is best to avoid driving in Milan. It is a very busy city with plenty of odd sized roads and winding bends. Transit is a highly recommended option, but of course after hours and when in a rush, taxis would be your next best option.



The Duomo: this isn’t a hard place to find, you may end up walking toward the cathedral on your own without knowledge of what you’re about to find. This is a beautifully designed cathedral from the year of 1386.

Cimitero Monumentale: An old cemetery with beauty and creativity. Over 250,000 square meters, this chapel is home to deceased but it quite often known as one of the most beautiful cemeteries of all times.

Piazza Duca d’Aosta: one of the busiest central squares in Milan, is famous for the grand central station. This street is hard to avoid if you’re coming into Milan by train. This street is filled with history, shops, cuisine and businesses.



Summer: June to September. Temperatures are warm ranging on average between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius.

Spring: March to May brings back warm weather from the winter months and rapidly the temperatures increased back to around the 15 – 20 degrees Celsius mark. Expect occasional showers and dress warm during the cooler evenings.

Winter: November to February. Bundle up when visiting Milan during the winter as temperatures can drop below freezing, averaging between +5 and -5 degrees Celsius.


Life Style

The people of Milan love their social time. Work is often taken off mid-day to enjoy family, fun, food and relaxation. The locals are often very caring individuals and will put much love and effort into the cooking and preparation of food, so enjoy it!


Eat and Drink

Food: When in Italy, eat like the Italians! Pizza, gelato, bread, pasta, the list goes on!

Drink: Alcohol is easily accessible in Milan and is sold at a relatively fair price. Non-alcoholic drink options are endless.


Rest and Relaxation

Low Budget: You can find low budget hotels and hostels in Milan close to the city centre for around $40 USD. Take note that many of these hostels are located in tall buildings and are very difficult to find sometimes. Make sure you have a good map handy.

Medium Budget: If you are willing to spend $100 USD, you can find a very homely feel hotel in a high rise apartment near the city centre of Milan. Though this will not be a five star hotel, it is a neat way to experience the Italian culture as many families run small independent hotels.

High Budget: $300+ USD will get you a well-known hotel chain. Do not expect to be flourished the way you would be in cheaper cities across Europe, but you will have a comfortable and relaxing stay.


Travel Tips

Watch out for your friendly smiles, these can often send a wrong message to the local men or woman and may suggest something you weren’t anticipating. – It is a very busy city with busy transit, busy malls and busy roads. Watch all your belongings and keep them all locked up if possible. – Milan offers many tourist options, if you are a seasoned traveler, I would suggest branching out on your own and exploring the local way of Milan. There are many local markets and restaurants to enjoy and this can be done in well under a week.