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How to Get There

Plane: Melbourne Airport isn’t too far from the city centre and is a great way to fly to other parts of Australia that may be worth visiting. Regular flights arrive and depart here as it is a very central hub for all visitors and locals.

Public Transportation: Melbourne is filled with great public transit options. The Myki card serves as a credit card for public transit, get one of these and top it up whenever you are out of funds. This is a great way for travelers to avoid having to carry spare change around. Everything that you are hoping to see while in Melbourne can be easily accessed by public transit in a tram, train or bus.

Taxis and Cars: It is actually much easier to get around via public transit than it is to drive for both tourists and locals. Not many people in Melbourne actually own a car because the transit is so easily accessible and fast. Taxis are available however; you may have to find a phone number contact in order to plan pick-up and drop-off arrangements.



Melbourne City Centre: This is usually the first place that people will visit while in Melbourne. There is so much in the centre that you can spend a week alone just exploring central Melbourne. Check out the Railway Station, Eureka tower, Parliament house and Federation Square while you are here.

Melbourne Zoo: You can’t visit Melbourne without being able to interact with the infamous kangaroo. Check out Melbourne Zoo for a wide array of animals that are special to the Australian species.

Brighton Beach: Surfs up on a surfer’s paradise! This is one of the most loved beaches in the area for locals that have amazing bathing boxes and local shops and cafes nearby for lunch.



Summer: December to February. Temperatures are perfect for the beach. Ranging between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius, make sure you pack those bathing suits!

Spring: September to November. With the widest range of temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius, it is important to pack light sweaters for the evenings and also be prepared for a swim if you’re adventurous.

Winter: June to August. Though it is much cooler, there is nothing close to snow here in Melbourne. Temperatures fall between 5 and 15 degrees Celsius.

Fall: March to May. A little bit cooler temperatures but still relatively warm for tourists. The average temperature during spring is usually to fall around 15 degrees Celsius.


Life Style

The lifestyle in Australia is one that many other people around the world would fantasize about living. This is a very laid back and happy culture. Locals love beach outings and spending time with friends. Meet some locals in Melbourne and get them to teach you a few tricks out on the waves.


Eat and Drink

Though Australia tends to have more of a western menu with other cultural cuisines available, it takes a bit of searching if you want to find a true Australian menu. Check out menus which list emo or kangaroo meat, this is true Australian cuisine.

As for drinks, alcoholic beverages are easily accessible and Australia is actually very well known for their lively coffee culture. Check out one of the many cafés for a delicious cappuccino.


Rest and Relaxation

Low Budget: Melbourne is a backpackers paradise, every year people from all over the world come to visit the bigger beach cities in Australia. With this being said, most backpackers on a low budget will pay downwards of $30 USD for a bed.

Medium Budget: For travelers looking for a more personal space to enjoy their time, there are some beautiful hotels that can be found for around $100 to $200 USD.

High Budget: High budget hotels in Melbourne can be considered any over the price of $300 USD. Melbourne is a booming city with numerous high class hotels to choose from. Get ready for some spectacular views if you are willing to pay $300 USD.


Travel Tips

Trust the locals, they are so friendly in Melbourne and always willing to help.

Make friends while in Australia, given that this is such a popular tourist destination, you are more than likely going to meet amazing friends which can expand your travels even further in the future.