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How to Get There

Plane: Not far from the center of the city is the Madrid Barajas International Airport. There are modes of transportation that will link you to the city center for a low cost.

Public Transportation: The metro stations in Madrid are excellent. Make use of the trains, buses and subways here, as you will save quite a bit of money rather than using taxis or renting a car.

Taxis and Cars: If you must get somewhere and do not like the busy transit stations, then by all means, take your own car or taxi. Expect traffic delays and steep prices.



Puerta Del Sol: This is where you will find many accommodations and the central metro station. You will likely get to Puerta Del Sol without even realizing it.

Shows: Corral de la Moreria: an extremely popular and famous show, which embraces the Spanish culture as you enjoy famous Spanish cuisine. This is truly a remarkable experience.

Real Madrid Stadium: For the sport fans in your life, come out and enjoy a game at the infamous stadium for Real Madrid football. Check match schedule ahead of time.



Summer: Temperatures during the summer can get up to 40 degrees Celsius. If you are planning on traveling during summer months, make sure you are booking a hotel with air conditioning!

Winter: Temperatures on average during the day stay around 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. This can be a lovely time for visitors to come and explore. Temperatures tend to drop rapidly over night so make sure you are packing some warm clothing as well.

Fall: During Fall in Madrid expect rain and humidity. Although it may be fairly rainy during the months of fall, it is also when a lot of festivities are happening in the cities so before you plan on visiting, see if you can plan around some of these amazing cultural events.


Life Style

The people of Madrid are very proud of their language, culture and cuisine. They embrace all elements of their city and enjoy time spent with family and friends. Do not be surprised to hear music in the street, dancing and beautiful cultural dresses. Do not be scared to join in, people are very friendly in Madrid!


Eat and Drink

Meats and vegetables are the heart of many Spanish dishes in Madrid. Experience the menus that Madrid has to offer, there is a menu for every palate and the food is truly incredible. No matter where you are, you will be able to find a restaurant that suits your every need. Alcoholic beverages are widely available, if you enjoy a tapas bar, you will also likely get some free food!


Rest and Relaxation

Low Budget: $25 USD will get you a very low budget hostel; average prices are around $60 to $80 per night, per person.

Medium Budget: On a medium budget, you can get a hotel for around $100 – $200 USD per night, per room. It might almost be worth is to upgrade from a low budget to a medium budget to enjoy your own room and street view.

High Budget: $500 will get you a beautiful hotel room with excellent service and impeccable views of the city.


Travel Tips

Not only is it fun to learn the Spanish language, it is also extremely appreciated throughout Madrid

For women traveling alone, keep your socializing to a minimum and be sure not to charm people with your smiles everywhere you go.

Keep all your belonging close and secure