Los Angeles

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How to Get There

Plane: The Los Angeles International Airport is a huge hub for layovers, arrivals and departures from many different countries. There are many different ways to get to your accommodations, do not worry too much about scams, people will usually be willing to help you find the cheapest way to get where you are going.

Public Transportation: This is one city where we won’t be recommended public transportation as your first method. It can get rather frustrating trying to plan your trip around the transit in Los Angeles and it is always a waiting game.

Taxis and Cars: Taxis are relatively affordable, though if you have intentions on staying over one week, it is a great idea to rent a car for a low cost and venture the city on your own free will!



Olvera Street: This is the bread and butter of Los Angeles, the history at the root of it all.

Griffith Park: This is the second largest park in the country, and is a beautiful picturesque way to experience the city. Get out of the hustle and bustle for a while and take a beautiful hike up the mountains.

Sports Games at the Staples: If you like sports, this is the place to be! Get in the action and see the Dodgers, Sparks, Kings, Clippers or Laker take on a match on their home turf!



Warm Season: July to October. Temperatures stay around 20 to 25 degrees Celsius between these months and it is an absolute beautiful time to visit LA.

Cold Season: December to April. We say cold, it really isn’t that cold. Temperatures average between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius and if you really want to embrace the traveler in you and keep busy at all hours of the day, the temperature during the cold season is perfect!


Life Style

LA is filled with fashion, money and people ready to live in the spotlight. Many people in LA live a lifestyle for the rich and famous. Expensive cuisine and fashion is enjoyed on a regular basis, work is hard and long, friends and nights out are also long. If you’re in LA, get ready to stay up all hours of the day!


Eat and Drink

Food and drink is everywhere in Los Angeles. No matter where you are, you will always find a joint you like the food at and a bar you enjoy to drink in. There are cuisines from all over the world. While in Los Angeles, embrace the street meet and vendor food, the Americans know how to make a mouth-watering and delicious classic burger!


Rest and Relaxation

Low Budget: Don’t expect anything cheaper than $25 or $30 USD. LA is not a city for the poor or budget friendly.

Medium Budget: A medium budget will likely get you a low grade hotel or motel. For this, you would pay around $100 USD per night.

High Budget: $300+ USD and you should be fine in LA. If you really want to live like the rich and famous, you can end up spending over $15,000 USD per night, the sky is your limit.


Travel Tips

LA is pretty safe and enjoyable when traveling solo, try not to be too uptight or you won’t fully enjoy the experience.

Though you might not have the money to spend in this cities, take a stroll through Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, you won’t regret it!