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How to Get There

Plane:England is a very central hub for many people in the United Kingdom. More than likely, England will be your first arrival point in Europe if you are flying from another country. Airports in England are large in size and have destination flights across Europe and all throughout the world.



Buckingham Palace: The residence of the Queen. Take a tour in the summer or just capture the beauty from the outside.

Tower Bridge: A 19th century bridge in the heart of the city. A beautiful place for photographers.

London Football Stadium: You can’t visit England without seeing a match of football.



Summer: June to August. Thunderstorms can be quite common during these months but England is at its warmest. Temperatures fall between 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. Pack warm for cooler nights.

Spring: March to May. Temperatures can be a little on the cool side but raining stays at a minimum. Temperatures fall between 0 and 10 degrees Celsius during this time.

Winter: England’s rainiest seasons. Though it is not always snowing, winds are extremely high during these months and temperatures are around 0 to 10 degrees Celsius.

Fall: September to November. Evenings are rather chilly, you may need to bring a warmer jacket and some sweaters for weather between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius.


Life Style

The lifestyle of the English is very heavily revolved around social time and activities. Football and pubs are a common day to day activity of many Englishmen. You will see pubs filled with people after working hours (even during) and the fields all filled with people living a healthy active lifestyle.


Eat and Drink

Prices for food and drink are relatively affordable, try out any English pub food that you can while in England and embrace the English in you with some good ole’ fashion ale.


Rest and Relaxation

Low Budget:London is an extremely large destination with many smaller cities outside of the downtown core. For low budget travelers, it is best to stay in an area on the outskirts of central London in order to save some cash. Hosteling dorm beds start at around $40 – $50 USD per night.

Medium Budget: 3 to 4 star hotels on a medium budget will average around $200 to $300 per night. Check the outskirts of Central London if you are looking for a lower price.

High Budget: $500 USD and up can get you a beautiful hotel and some relaxing spa packages. There are many top class hotels to choose from.


Travel Tips

Avoid higher priced hotels in the center of the city and stay on the outskirts if possible

Make friends with the locals, the English are typically very friendly and can show you the best of the best when visiting

Take advantage of England’s efficient train systems and try and visit other smaller towns outside of the city if you have some time.