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How to Get There

Plane: The northern point of South Africa which is closest to all other African countries is typically the easiest location to fly into. Johannesburg serves as a hub for most people going to Cape Town and other smaller cities around South Africa.

Public Transportation: Public transportation in Johannesburg is not always recommended. Though it may be cheap, it isn’t always safe. Africa is a country where tourists should always pre-plan their trips as often times the unforeseeable may happen.

Taxis and Cars: Taxis are a good way to get around the city, before visiting you should also search possible tourist taxis like the Baz Bus. Before getting into a taxi, always insure it is a marked car.



Soweto: A small township in the south west of Johannesburg is home to South African slums but is also a piece of history in itself. Many people prefer to take day trips into the region in order to get a better sense of South African culture.

Central Business District: Johannesburg is the financial city of South Africa with tall skyscrapers, busy streets and business men on every corner.

Lion Park: This is where your dreams come true, finally a place where you can actually interact with the baby cubs and enjoy a game view through the animal camp of Johannesburg.



Summer: October to February. The summer brings hot, humid weather. The humidity tends to also bring waves of large thunderstorms that can seem pretty severe and then disappear very quickly. Pack for rain or sun.

Spring: August to October. There is a unique time about the spring in South Africa. There is one day in the year where you can actually watch the grey clouds from winter roll out above the mountain tops and you will know that the next day’s moving forward will all be warm and sunny.

Winter: May to July. Though the weather is still quite warm during the days, the evenings can get very chilly. You can expect temperatures to be around the 10 to 15 degree Celsius mark during the days and much cooler at night.

Fall: February to April. During these months the weather tends to be very beautiful. There is a lack of rain during these months, the days are warm and the nights are comfortably cool. Both locals and tourists enjoy spending these days with outdoor activities.


Life Style

The lifestyle of people in Johannesburg is very family oriented. Many people lives in homes with their entire families simply because they chose to. It is quite often that the government may provide those less fortunate with subsidised homes but they have chosen not to move because their entire families cannot fit in one apartment. The people of Johannesburg live comfortably in a business environment.


Eat and Drink

With plenty of food to eat and drink in Johannesburg, the best of the best would be the brai. This in western terms is known as a BBQ. Fresh chicken, pork and rice is the best in South Africa! Don’t miss out on their very affordable beer and wine choices as well, Black Label and Savannah Dry are both tourist favorites here.


Rest and Relaxation

Low Budget: Though hostels aren’t always easy to come by, when traveling on a budget in South Africa follow a guide like Baz Bus or Hostelling International SA. Hostels can cost you somewhere between $12 – $20 USD per night.

Medium Budget: Medium budget accommodations are easy to find in Johannesburg. Look out for the Lodges and Guest Homes to find great priced accommodations with a pool side view for less than $60 USD.

High Budget: Some of the most beautiful hotels in Johannesburg can be purchased for around $200 to $200 USD per night. Enjoy the city through luxury.


Travel Tips

Plan to stay in a group, the streets of Johannesburg aren’t always safe and you should be prepared to expect anything to happen.

Keep all belongings in a safe and hidden place.

Make note of which cabs you take, always ensure they are marked taxis.

The evenings in Johannesburg can be quite chilly and the storms that come around can be quite severe, always pack for rain or sun.