Buenos Aires

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How to Get There

Plane: Ezeiza International Airport is where you will be flying into if you’re coming in internationally. Make sure you check if you need a visa for entrance to Buenos Aires, most citizens require to pay a fee and will only get single entry passes.

Public Transportation: All tourist attractions can usually be reached by using their underground public transit system. Public transit is affordable but relatively crowded during weekdays and weekends.

Taxis and Cars: Taxis usually take longer than the public transit as traffic can be a little hectic in the city center. They are not expensive and if you are planning on going out of the city off route of the public transit, this may be your best alternative.



Central Buenos Aires: though it is not one specific destination, the entire central square is absolutely beautiful with lots of small shops and beautiful areas to relax. Go by foot and explore the town this way.

Cementerio de la Recoleta: If you have ever imagined what it would be like it rich people had their own grave yard, you’re in for a treat!

Gaucho Parties: The typical life of an Argentinian in Buenos Aires way back when was similar to the wild west, drinks, dance, horses and culture. Gaucho parties let you see this in today’s time with locals.



Summer: December to February. Not always the best time to visit as the heat and humidity can be uncomforting for many. Temperatures average around 30 degrees Celsius.

Spring: September to November. Temperatures around 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, this is a nice time to visit. Expect a little rain and pack for cooler evenings.

Winter: June to August. Surprisingly, winter is actually rather cold in Buenos Aires. Expect the nights to go down to 2 degrees Celsius and days will usually be around 10 degrees Celsius.

Fall: March to May. Locals call it the ‘rainy season’, though the rain brings nice cooler temperatures in the evening but warm 20 degree days.


Life Style

The lifestyle in Buenos Aires is truly unique. Do not expect it to be dull in any manner. The streets from the crack of dawn until the late hours of the night are filled with people and life, talking, singing and dancing. Buenos Aires is a beautiful place to visit if you are looking to be enriched with culture.


Eat and Drink

The food in Buenos Aires is known for their barbequed and slow cooked meats. If you want to try so true Argentinian cuisine, spend some time speaking with locals to see where the best meat in town is served.


Rest and Relaxation

Low Budget: Life is easy on a low budget, expect to pay fees around $10 to $20 per night, per bed for local hostels.

Medium Budget: A medium budget would start around $50 to $70 for a rather nice hotel with your own room and fresh linens.

High Budget: If you are okay with spending over $150 per night, you will get a beautiful view of the city, pool, catering and much more!


Travel Tips

Try to avoid stray animals as they often carry diseases

Do not trust everyone you see, common theft actually happens as soon as you arrive from the airport staff themselves

When traveling to Buenos Aires, pack your valuables in your carry-on and do not leave it out of sight

Watch out for counterfeit money here, this is common for people who deal with tourists on a regular basis

Do not travel alone at night

Keep your money and important things in a money belt under your clothes