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How to Get There

Plane: Visitors will arrive at the Boston Logan International Airport. Flights are available from all different countries for arrivals and departures.

Public Transportation: Make sure you are well equipped with a good map. Boston can be fairly difficult to map out directions so in order to find the closest transit system, you will need access to a map. Public transportation is affordable and easy to understand. Follow the MBTA and you will be absolutely fine.

Taxis and Cars: Taxis are available and can be flagged down on the side of the road. It is recommended not to rent a vehicle while in Boston as traffic can be terrible. In addition to the traffic, it may end up costing you more in parking than it does for your hotel accommodations.



New England Aquarium: A great experience for the whole family where you can view the most incredible sea life in one of the largest aquariums in the world.

Boston Marathon: This race is the oldest in the world and televised more than any other marathon across the globe. In addition to the marathon comes many celebrations, festivals and entertainment.

Freedom Trail: This a walking path which visit many different historical sites which explains the culture and ancient history of Boston, USA.



Summer: July to August. 15 to 25 degrees Celsius is the average daily temperature during the summer. Dress for warmer days and cooler nights.

Spring: April to June. April showers bring May flowers. Expect temperatures between 10 to 15 degrees Celsius.

Winter: December to March. Snow is a possibility in Boston. Pack for cold weather around 5 to 10 degrees Celsius.

Fall: September to November. 10 to 15 degrees Celsius is common in the fall. Pack for cooler nights.


Life Style

Boston is filled with a variety of people of all races and class. You may find some of the richest people and poorest people in the world sitting beside each other on a park bench. Most of the society is hard working and values their commodities. Material objects are of great importance to many and fashion is a great way for self-expression in Boston.


Eat and Drink

Eat and drink your heart away. The street meats and vendors in Boston are infamous for their unique specialty foods. You will be able to access all international dishes in Boston as well as get a HUGE variety of alcoholic beverages. Before visiting, make sure you research excellent places to wine and dine and many of them have made it onto popular shows.


Rest and Relaxation

Low Budget: Not readily available. There is one well known hostel in the area run by Hostelling International which sells for about $55 USD per night, per bed.

Medium Budget: Expect to get a low grade hotel for the price of a medium budget. You will need to spend between $100 to $200 USD to get a hotel around this range.

High Budget: With a high budget, there are some beautiful options in Boston. To get prime location for a medium scale hotel, expect to pay around $200 to $300. If you are looking for luxury in Boston, you are going to have to spend upwards to $500 USD per night.


Travel Tips

Avoid walking alone after dark in any areas of Boston

When planning a night out, make sure you are going where other travelers and visitors go, going off the beaten track may get you into some trouble

If you’re going out at night, plan for a ride home as public transportation stops around midnight.