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How to Get There

Plane: El Dorado International Airport is the central airport. There are many options available to get to your accommodations after you have arrived. Make sure you make a price before getting onto any bus or other mode of transportation.

Public Transportation: Transmilenio is their local transit system that is very affordable. Stay safe when taking transit and do not bring any valuables with you. The best recommendation would be to only use transport provided to you by your hotel.

Taxis and Cars: Using taxis is actually something that you should avoid while in Bogota. There are many scams and tricks built into taxi offers and you can get yourself into serious trouble.



La Candelaria: This is the old downtown of Bogota which makes for beautiful photography and a lovely adventure.

Gold Museum: It sounds just as fun as it really is. Learn about all the ancient artifacts made by Colombians.

Cerro de Monserrate: If you are looking for a beautiful view, this is your place. Take a ride up the funicular and experience delicious restaurants and breathtaking views.



Warm Season: December to March: Temperatures rarely go above 20 degrees Celsius. Nights can be chilly to pack accordingly.

Cold Season: June to August. Temperatures rarely go above 20 degrees Celsius. Nights can be chilly to pack accordingly.


Life Style

Though the crime rate is relatively high, the people of Bogota are relatively possible and happy. Not everyone works here, but many work for family run businesses. Friends, family and social time is important for them and they appreciate everything they have. There is a wide range of poor people in Bogota which increases the rate of crime. Please, stay safe.


Eat and Drink

Experience food and drink in Bogota is always extremely fun. It isn’t just about eating to satisfy your needs, it is about having a full and unique experience. Go to one of their breweries for a delicious local beer, try one of their local foods like corn flour pancakes, pies or soup!


Rest and Relaxation

Low Budget: You can find a hostel here starting around $10 USD. It isn’t too tough finding a place, just make sure it is in an area that is reputable.

Medium Budget: $50 and you’re set. Mid-range hotels are rather nice here in Bogota so you shouldn’t have any problems finding a place you love around $50 – $100.

High Budget: Anything over $100 USD here will get you a luxury hotel to meet your every desire.


Travel Tips

When booking a hotel in Bogota, make sure you are booking in a reputable area, ensure you have searched well ahead of time and know what to expect (hostels are easy targets for armed robberies)

No matter what time of day, someone somewhere in Bogota will be getting robbed. Carrying purses is not a good idea, everything should be secured tightly on you and under your clothes.

Do not walk alone, no matter what age or gender

Do not try and get help from the police, they will more often than not avoid the situation