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How to Get There

Plane: It is difficult to get into Baghdad from places like Australia and North America at the moment. Due to high security and high risks of terrorist attacks, there are very limited flights available into Baghdad. The airport that a traveler would fly into is Baghdad Al Muthana International Airport.

Public Transportation: The only mode of transportation to get around at the moment is by helicopter. If you must take a car, it must be fully armoured.




Al-Faw Palace: This is a palace which serves to commemorate soldiers as well as its current use for USA military.

Hands of Victory: This is a monument which celebrates Iran’s victories.

National Museum of Iraq: Embrace the whole history of Baghdad here at the museum, some pieces in this museum are quite valuable and nothing will ever be seen that is quite like these artifacts.



Summer: June to September. Summer time in Baghdad is relatively scorching hot, temperatures fall between 25 and 35 on any given day.

Spring: April to May. Spring can be rather rainy but has lovely weather between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius.

Winter: December to March. Weather is typically wet and rainy with average temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius.

Fall: October to November. Temperatures in the fall can very between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius. The humidity can get rather high in the mornings during fall.


Life Style

There is not much of a lifestyle at the current moment in Baghdad. People are in hiding or fighting terrorism. When this isn’t the case, the people of Baghdad take their religion very seriously and they have a great deal of importance invested into their family and relatives.


Eat and Drink

Iraq as an entire country does not promote drinking in public. If this is something you must do, ensure you are doing it in the comfort of your accommodations. Although the food is not extremely diverse, Baghdad has some of the best food in Iraq and is a great way to experience the culture.


Rest and Relaxation

Low Budget: Not Available.

Medium Budget: For a low grade hotel, the cheapest hotel available around the Baghdad area will be upwards of $100 USD per night.

High Budget: High budget in Baghdad doesn’t guarantee the most beautiful hotels. Most hotels range between $200 and $300 USD per night.


Travel Tips

The government highly discourages visits to Baghdad at the current moment

There is a serious threat of terrorist attack

There is serious threat of being kidnapped

There is a serious threat of being attacked, injured and/or killed

WARNING: Even harmless civilians are being warned right now