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Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico - Famous Destinations

Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico

Flamenco Beach is a public beach on the Caribbean island of Culebra. It’s well-known...

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Reykjavik, Iceland - Famous Destinations

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, on the coast of Iceland, is the capital of the country and largest town. It is...

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Glass Beach, California - Famous Destinations

Glass Beach, California

A beach made of years of drop litter appears like a region however, at Glass beach, on the Mendocino coast in California, the result’s quite stunning....

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Welcome to Famous Destinations!

One World. Seven Continents. Hundreds of places to explore. There’s just so much so that you want to see in the short span of an experience called life. You don’t want to waste your time deciding which is the best place to visit, or to prepare the itinerary for your dream. We at Famous Destinations have it all figured out for you at the cheapest rates possible! We also have some lucrative travel packages for you. We leave it to you to decide whether you want to take all the burden on yourself, or let us do all the mechanical work to give you the once in a lifetime experience- the choice is totally yours!

Special Activities

The speciality of any is described with the kind and amount of thrill and adventure it brings to your life. Hot Water Balloon, River Rafting, Skiing, Mountain Trekking, Diving, Water Polo, Aqua Jogging, Hiking, Bungee Jumping, Paragliding are just few to name. You sure want to try to all of these once in your life spa. Or may be some of them, if not all. Give yourself a try, and make your life larger than life with these extreme adventures!

Travel Arrangements

You might have the proper budget, and you also might have place in your mind. But the only thing which delays your travel is the mind numbing arrangements that you need to make before you could actually start your journey. Sweat, no more! We are here for you. From helping you decide which place to visit to booking your flights, hotels, and your safe return, we have planned all down to the T. You just need to come to us with your luggage, and allow us to be your host!

Private Guide

We don’t want you to feel lost at a place totally alien to you. We want you safe from the goons you might meet on your way. We have specially tied up with local correspondents who are completely abreast of the place, and the happenings. Having a local guide not only save you from extreme situations but also help you understand , and explore the relevance of the place.

Location Manager

The Location Managers are the persons hired for their talent of knowing a place in and out, and they can’t seem to do better to make your travel hassle free. The location manager has an eye for detail, and he knows how to cater to your needs and desires while staying just right in your budget. So if you want to see everything at once, you know whom to hire for the same!

Best Holiday Packages

Travel Guides

Travel Guide is like a catalogue of the place you’re planning to visit. We’re working closely with local correspondents to get the information you need for your travel. It is an window to the world you are about to visit by highlighting the best hotels, pubs, bars, streets, food joints, and the other best hot shot destinations of that place. Our agents there are working day in and day out to get you the best of the information. And it’s always a wise thing to know a few things about the place. We have also curated some of the smart travel tips to save your budget, and get you acquainted with the knick-knacks of the place.


Hotel Booking

The only thing that comes between you and your dream hotel room with a sea face is the huge hole that it digs in our pockets! No, we don’t you to give on this dream of yours. We have tie-ups with some of the awesome hotels with amazing food, and ambience to give you the service at an extremely affordable rate. Grab a room already!


Flight Bookings

We know how effing high the flight rates could go when you’re planning a trip abroad. To top it, we all have to go through the pain and struggles of flight change to make peace with our budget. We say, no more! Famous Destinations are working in collaboration with various airlines to get you hefty discounts! And the flights do have cash back points. Now this is, sir, what we say the best time to put your plastic card to use!

Popular Destinations

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Hotel Bookings

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Flight Bookings

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Best Beaches of 2015

Best Gift Packages

Summer stay for Single couple @ $250.00 for 2 Nights

Comfy Catherenes Home @ Genes Block Travanza

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Summer stay for Single couple @ $250.00 for 4 Nights

Elegant Living Dale Hotel @ Brooks Street

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Summer stay for Single couple @ $250.00 for 6 Nights

Prestigious Linda Garden Hotel @ old Sally House

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